At Avila Herbals, we believe in using our scientific knowledge and our passion for discovery to help promote healthy, happy, stress-free lifestyles. On our organic farm and in our laboratory based in Virginia, US, we develop ground-breaking products that genuinely improve lives and wellness across the globe.

As a botanical pharmaceutical and dietary supplement company, we draw on the bounty of nature to produce remedies that are scientifically tested and accredited for safety. We don’t believe in snake-oil solutions, we believe in making products that actually work.


We began by setting out to create a sustainable agriculture program that focuses on the production of the highest quality hemp for medicinal purposes, herbs used for nutraceuticals, and dietary supplements used to purify the mind, body, and soul.

Our passion is for sustainable agriculture, organic techniques, and biodynamic farming practices. We work hard to exceed regulatory standards because we believe in great quality and growing products sustainably.

Our farms are biodiverse environments where we cultivate a range of botanicals with great potential for life-improvement. All of our products are grown here on-site and developed in our GMP laboratories.

Where has our journey taken us?

We are naturally inquisitive scientists, and so we continually experiment with new formulae to develop exciting formulations.


Avila Herbals is an approved registrant with the following:

Industrial Hemp Dealer Registration, VDACS # 2019-VD062
Industrial Hemp Grower Registration, VDACS # 2019-VG410
Industrial Hemp Processor Registration, VDACS #2019-VP060
Virginia Nursery Stock Dealer License, VDACS #89-471818-121
Virginia Seed Dealer License, VDACS #41-471836
Virginia Nursery Operations Permit, VDACS #91-471819-121
Agriculture Marketing Service, Federal Seed Permit, AMS # 8133. FDA Food Establishment registration for dietary supplements:  16825450054
FDA CDER registration number:117357448. Labeler registration code Assigned: 80732 Virginia Board of Pharmacy, pharmaceutical manufacturer #:  0208008208

We only sell clones to licensed entities.
All sales require a Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA).

About us

At Avila Herbals, our passion is to promote sustainable agriculture, organic techniques, and biodynamic farming practices. Our facilities are ready for the large-scale production of cannabinoid products and dietary

Avila Herbals has created a sustainable agriculture program in Virginia’s New River Valley that focuses on:

• Production of hemp for medicinal purposes
• Herbs and other botanicals used for nutraceuticals and cosmetics
• Dietary supplements

We use state-of-the-art laboratory and purification techniques.

• Exceed regulatory standards
• Pharmaceutical certification (est. July 2020)


Behind Avila Herbals is a team of biologists, entrepreneurs and healthcare experts who combine their skills and passion to push the boundaries of the botanical pharmaceutical industry.

Chief Executive Officer

BS Applied Microbiology, Univ. of Hertfordshire, 2002
PhD Microbiology, University of Brighton, 2007
PMP Project Management Professional, 2015-present

Executive management, research and development expertise,
specializing in international project management and research in
the biotechnology industry and government contracts.

Chief Operations Officer

BS Biology and Biochemistry and Chemistry, Virginia Tech, 1993
PhD Biochemistry and Microbiology, Virginia Tech, 1997
PMP Project Management Professional, 2015-present

Serial entrepreneur, executive management in biotechnology
specializing in product development and international project
management in the biotechnology industry.